Too lazy. So sorry if it’s kinda ugleh.

Too lazy. So sorry if it’s kinda ugleh.

What did she do wrong?

She loved you every single second of everyday. Waits for your text while you’re still playing those computer games. Hugs you tight whenever you have a problem. She’d rather be with you than going to the mall. Calls you every night just to make sure you’re okay. Doesn’t care if her parents would kill her for coming home late just to spend longer hours with you. Saves her allowance just to buy you something sweet during your monthsary. Brings down her pride just to make your relationship work.

Every tear drop that falls underneath her eyes are all because of you. She never did anything to hurt you. So why do you keep on ripping her heart if all she wanted to do is to make you happy?

I won’t let another teardrop fall. </3

Masarap ang may malambing na boyfriend. Pero magalala ka na. Baka mamaya pati pala sa iba.

Pano kapag yung ex mo ang tumutulong sayo makapag-move on sainyong dalawa? Makakapagmove on ka kaya? WTF. Ano ibig sabihin nun? Ang ex mo ay…?

I need your answers please 0.o