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I was idle for almost 3 weeks 0.o Too busy with school. PRESSURE MUCH. I’ll post typographs tomorrow. HOPEFULLY.

"Saying no seems the easiest way to go. But pay attention to the tone. Because underneath all that stress, there may be a yes."


- Sex and The City

- Sex and The City

- Grant Fairley

- Grant Fairley

Who would you pick? Someone who makes you smile at your worst but you’re not sure if you’ll love that person back. Or someone that you really love that makes you cry almost every night because of the worthless fights?

I just… :|

I want to doodle a plain white jacket.

But how will I able to wash it? Lol. I’m not sure with the materials I should use. Haha! What a random idea.

I’m not that much of a gleek. I just love their songs.

Yeah, sorry for the certified gleeks out there. I just find their story cute and their songs awesome :) I miss a couple of episodes sometimes. And I just find the guy singers hot. Heehee :”>

Glee Season Finale!

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Aw, okay. Thank you :)


I’m hungreeeeeeey. Yeah, I usually skip meals when I wake up late. Mom left early. And she forgot to make lunch :| So I have no choice. Imma go to the mall ;) KFC, I’m coming for ya!

P.S. I’m gonna post typographs later.