“You don’t have to be perfect to be with me. You just have to make every moment i’m with you seem like it is.”

Goodnight, Tumblr.

Right click-enabled

My right click is enabled because I want you guys to feel free to check out my links. If you want to open it in a new tab or whatever. NOT BECAUSE YOU CAN RE-POST MY POSTS. I’m not mad, it’s just that re-blog is much much more appreciated. Please. Every note counts. Thank you friends.

On the top of your page, it says "A daily dose of my imperfect life," .. I just wanted to know what that font was? I love your work! :D


I hate you

Well, not really. It’s just that now I know you actually can survive a day without hearing my voice, without sending me a message, without posting something on my wall, without talking to me. You changed. In the beginning, I thought you were different. Turns out, you’re just like everyone else. This is such a huge disappointment. My mind says to break up with you. But my heart says hold on ‘til the end. Fuck this. Goodnight Tumblr. Got my hopes high that he will talk to me tomorrow. *sobs

What is the most romantic thing someone ever did for you?

Mine: I woke up one night, and he was holding my hand.

Inspired by a formspring question. Answer guys!